Morocco eyes to entice automakers to become a production hub of North Africa

The African country already boasts of a couple of automobile facilities – one in Casablanca and one in Tangiers, both possessed by the well-known automaker, Renault.

The Tangiers facility is now intensifying the production capacitance. The auto firm brought out around 60,000 vehicles in 2012 from the facility and has proposals to increase the total figure by two folds in the year 2013.

As per reports, approximately 95 per cent of the output will get exported.

The Tangiers plant is fabricated with the aim to develop 4,00,000 vehicle units on an annual basis, and the French auto manufacturer is likely to append more and more cars to the facility every year. Both Renault and Dacia branded vehicles could be fabricated in the said plant.

New Dacia Sandero
In the meantime, Morocco is making plans to entice Renault to flourish its output (foot print) in the nation. There are a lot of reasons for Renault to consider Morocco in a serious manner.

For beginners, the salary scale in the nation is just one fourth of that of Europe. Besides, Morocco has sound Free Trade Agreements with a lot of EU and Middle East countries.

If Renault elaborates its procedures in the kingdom of Morocco, the country’s high joblessness rate can be reduced. The economic system, which, for the most part, hinges upon agriculture, is obtaining some back up from the Tangiers plant as it sources 40 per cent of the constituents from the local marketers.

Morocco’s effort to produce a contributing environment for car manufacturing could witness few more auto manufacturers preferring to establishing a shop in the North African nation rather than making big investments in the European region.

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