Nebula Automotive brings High-end ATV to Indian market

Nebula Automotive Pvt. Ltd. is officially introducing its new range of high end All Terrain Vehicles in the Indian market. The addition of new models like Trike, AX700 and HS800 increases the brand’s product lineup to 21. Nebula offers complete ATV solution for the customers ranging from the 110cc Junior ATVs to 800cc twin turbo for some serious off-road stuff. The three-wheeler Trike houses a 300cc water cooled engine complete with electric start. It has fuel capacity of about 12 liter and can seat 2 people at a time. Trike is currently priced at Rs.7,77,000.

Another Nebula HS800i is a twin-seater which is equipped with an 800cc water cooled V-Twin 8-valve engine with the fuel injection. It can reach a maximum speed of about 70 kmph and has a fuel capacity of 30 liters. The HS800 can switch between 2WD and 4WD mode and is priced at Rs.16,50,000. Nebula AX700 is a single-seater with 686cc liquid cooled EFI engine with a 21 liter fuel tank. It also offers CVT transmission, disc brakes at rear and front and option of 2WD and 4WD. The ATV is available at the price tag of Rs.12,00,000.

Nebula Automotive brings High-end ATV to Indian market
Mr. SukhdevAsnani, MD, Nebula Automotive, said that the company has been in the automotive industry for past 15 years and has seen lot of scope in the off-road market in India. He further said that being an automotive enthusiast he wanted to have ATVs in India and so he entered into the market. According to him the performance and growth has been quite exceptional until now, and these new ATVs are mainly aimed at strengthening the brand name in the market. He was quite confident about HS800 and Trike ATV as they are unique models and based on their performance and pricing he was quite sure that they will be accepted generously by the market.

ATVs are mainly used for sports, recreational activities and patrolling purposes and some of these vehicles are also going under military testing for deployment in the forces. Nebula ATVs have a assembling plantin Pune and are priced anywhere between Rs. 90,000 to Rs.23,00,000. Nebula Automotive also offers after sale services for these vehicles on all India basis. The Nebula Automobile is currently selecting dealers and franchise to represent their brand allover India.

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