New 24 Hour Service Station of Maruti Suzuki in Mumbai

Vehicles of Maruti Suzuki will now run without any worries since a dealer of the Maruti, Fortpoint Automotive, has given the city its very own 24 hour service station.So if there is a breakdown at night, you would know where to go. Director, Fortpoint Automotive (Cars), Mr Sandeep Kumar Bafna commented on this occasion that, “the reason behind upgrading from normal working hours to 24-hour service centre is to give excellent service as well as a complete body shop repair of the client’s car in the night itself so it may be delivered in the morning before they have to leave for their respective jobs or works, all of this at no additional cost.” This new service centre would be very helpful to the tourist vehicle’s drivers for they will not face anymore trouble at night and can have an easy access to automobile service at any odd time. The drivers and customers can also rest in the facility provided by Maruti Suzuki service centre while their vehicles are worked upon.

New 24 Hour Service Station of Maruti Suzuki in Mumbai

This is one of the many excellent initiatives taken by Maruti Suzuki which has also made its mark in the JD power Asia Pacific’s market research as the most admired brand of India with the highest ranking in the graph of customer satisfaction. And this has happened sequentially for past 12 years in a row. JD Power mentions that, “Maruti Suzuki is a very unique brand which is evolving and growing at a pace which is far more than any other automobile brand if compared from the previous year. It is also doing fairly well in the service advisor part as well. With 879 points Maruti Suzuki ranked on the top of customer satisfaction with its dealer service for a 12th sequential year in 2011”. On a scale of 1,000 points for an overall satisfaction of the customers it came out proud with 879 points as mentioned earlier. But this figure came out only after a survey of 6,821 four-wheel owners’ interactive response.  Highest satisfaction is determined by the highest score it has achieved.Thus, the overall satisfaction was having five basic criteria to fulfill.These were vehicle pick-up, service advisor, service initiation, service quality and service facility. Maruti Suzuki has an impressive performance because of its hold in the measures of critical operations, which include giving the vehicle after the required service within correct time. This exceeds customer’s sense of being taken care of by the services of the firm.Consequently he would be coming back and referring Maruti to anyone who is looking for a four-wheeler.

This 24 hour service station is situated in the suburbs of Andheri and it can accommodate around 40 to 50 vehicles for servicing during its night shift. Fortpoint Automotive has three showrooms which are located at Lalbaug, Thane and Mahim with its service centers at same places.

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