New Ambassador will carry the same 1.5 liter diesel engine

Hindustan Motors is planning for the grand launch of it’s the Ambassador compact sedan. This new Ambassador model is going to have more or less the same interiors as the earlier models. The only change is expected to be in the exterior, where the boot has been removed to make the car’s length less than 4 meters. This change will help HM to make use of the exemption of excise duty given only to cars below 4 meter in length. The new Ambassador will most probably be powered by the tried and tested 1.5 liter old diesel engine, as neither the petrol nor the CNG variant of the Isuzu 1.8 liter engine comes under the restriction of 1.2 liter engine limit fixed by the Indian government for a car to be able to come under the category of compact sedan. This has made the older 1.5 liter engine a certainty.

However, it will be worth noticing what measures the company takes to handle this problem. The ambassador’s nose will shed its straight lines for an aerodynamic bonnet. The round older headlamps will be removed and in its place, wrap-around headlamps, resembling the Maruti Suzuki Swift, will be fitted. The Ambassadors engine will undergo changes and anti-lock brake system with aluminum alloy wheels will appear. Leather seats and upgraded interiors will make the Ambassadors interiors more modern and in tunes with the times we live in.

New Ambassador will carry the same 1.5 liter diesel engine
The new Ambassador is expected by July 2012 with a fresh design. A common rail diesel engine is being developed by HM to power the next generation Ambassador cars, but the chances that this engine will be ready by the time of production are very weak.  Moreover, it is still not known which customer segment this car will target. It could only be guessed that the car will probably target the customers who desire more economy and frugality.

Mr. Manoj Jha, Managing Director of the Hindustan Motors, said that there are a whole lot of plans for the Ambassador. They are working on several options and the changes are part of the plan. He also said that some smaller changes will be introduced soon.

The last upgrade to the Ambassador was done way back in 2004. Titled the Ambassador Avigo, the car drew influences from the Mini and the Porsche. It had retro hanging headlights and a classic plain front bonnet. The Ambassador Avigo, however, failed to improve the fortunes for Hindustan Motors and the upcoming 2012 Ambassador is the company’s last chance at keeping India’s oldest car factory running.

It still remains to be seen as to why a potential customer would opt for this compact sedan when there are many more options of stylish dynamic cars available in the market which have better designs as well as much better performance at this very price.

Hopefully this new model of Ambassador can be a good competitor for other compact sedans in the market. But chances of that happening are quite bleak.

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