New Audi TT In India Review

The new TT of Audi is not just another car for India. The German carmaker is intended to project it as a halo product of the brand which will give an envious and tough stride to the SLK of Mercedes-Benz and Z4 of BMW.

The launch event of this car in Delhi said clearly about it. The loudness of the venue and galore of media it aimed to attract for the event spoken about the projections related to the new TT. Though, we believe, the glamorous effort was justified at the launch. After all, the sports machine, except for its facelift, is entirely new under the skin – by the means of company’s new MQB platform.

Thus, that is not only one reason to explain why to buy the new Audi TT in India. Here, we have mentioned the whole drama this beauty holds under its skin and is ready to unleash just at a shoot of the pedal. Read on to know more…

New Audi TT In India Review

Just as said the glamour stuck to this car at the venue. It was Audi factory racing driver, Aditya Patel, who too was present during the presentation along with the Cricket commentator Ravi Shastri, and Audi India Head Mr. Joe King to explain in detail why this car is a performer of both the worlds. The daily drive and the racetrack performance go hand in hand with this.

Priced for Rs 60.34 lakh in S-line trim, the car isn’t a tough option for the sports head to own it.

Talking about the cosmetics first, its tightly fitted skin on the body is a good aspect to speak about. It looks more serious about the business. LED headlamps, a well-edged rear with less round curves and more edges, spanking new tail lamps are some of the treats eyes receive at the first sight.

The badge of 45TFSI slots it in the line of cars that are fitted with the fresh nomenclature of Audi India. The same trend is now stated to get followed across the other markets as well.

In the engine bay, 2015 TT holds a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine of 230bhp and 350Nm of torque mated to a six-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch DSG transmission. The traction is now transferred to all wheels via Audi’s very own Quattro AWD system that makes it to reach 0-100km/h in 5.3 seconds and hit the maximum speed of 250km/h.

Those who have owned it before must not like to miss the fuel-cap. Audi thinks alike. The designers have retained same fuel-cap of the past-gen, where one can directly infused the hose pipe into the fuel-tank without any other lid beyond the cap.

Moved inside the cabin, Audi has significantly dwelled the taste of buyers aptly into designs. The quilted leather seat in the tan leather is just luxurious, where the other remarkable note was those air-con vents which received the control at the centre of turbine to adjust to flow, temperature etc.

The instrument cluster had grown smarter than anyone else. A full TFT screen takes care of the pilot’s need where he isn’t left with the option to move his head around. A road-focused attitude was depicted when sat on the driver’s seat.

No one could also believe, the official letter of Audi also mentioned buyers can get this car with the 2+2 option, which means the last two passengers are cramped into their seats with low head and leg room. Thus, it is advisable for the two to travel in luxury with the luggage, rather than inviting two more to sit in the ultimate discomfort.

Overall, as a first impression, we loved new Audi TT, which enters India as CBU (completely built units) means the quality will remain top notch.

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