New BMW M4 Crashed in Germany

BMW M4 Coupe is all about having a rashest drive on the tarmac, but it doesn’t mean one can crash it almost on his first drive.

Hopefully, the BMW M4 is still new, and many countries around the world hadn’t received it yet. A 20-year-old from Germany thinking he got enough of it accidentally crashed the car against two trees in a small park.

The accident happened in München, Germany, where the 20-year old driver lost control of the BMW while speeding through a corner. From the images it can be noticed how rash the speed would have been. The car is completely destroyed, and doesn’t pip in the condition to be taken back to the service center for repairs.

New BMW M4 Crashed in Germany

Hopefully, the BMW M4 driver was lucky enough to escape the accident without major injuries. He suffered only minor injuries and was rushed to the nearest hospital. It was reported, further investigations are going on and soon the police official will find out whether the accident happened under the influence of alcohol or there are any other possibilities.

BMW M4 Crashed in Germany

Just to remind the crash seen here in this post is apparently the first accident reported of BMW M4 from the world. So hats off to the guy who may have sought a very rough way to make his way to the news headlines.

New BMW M4 Crashed

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