New Fiat Bravo in India – Preview

New Fiat Bravo in India has successfully now established. However its road to success was not lined with roses. More so it had all thorns and then some more. Its resurgence started when it aligned with Tata Motors for its sales and after service. Fiat India haven’t looked back since. First they launched the Italian beauty, the Fiat Linea. This was welcomed by the Indian car buying public inspite of apprehensions about Fiat quality and service. Then came the Fiat 500 at a steep price of Rs.16 lakhs. Fiat didn’t expect volumes out of it as it was meant only as brand building exercise.

Next came the Fiat Punto. It was also lapped up by the Indian car buying public. Not satisfied with this, Fiat launched a 90bhp version for the Punto. It now carries the tag of hot hatch on it. This was just a precursor to another hot hatch- Fiat Bravo. The Bravo is one of the Fiat’s big super-minis across the world. Built on a similar chassis like the Fiat Punto and the Linea, the Bravo promises world class handling and ride. Ride on all the Fiats in India is well sorted. The Fiat Bravo is offered in 2 engine trims. A potent petrol and a competent diesel power plant. The diesel is the one of contention in India though. It is a 1.9 liter engine offering 150 bhp at 3800 rpm and torque of 305 Nm at 2000 rpm. The petrol on the other hand will sport the T-jet turbo motor from the Linea. It will put out 115 bhp and about 200 Nm of torque. The top speed of the Fiat Bravo diesel is estimated to be 190 Kmph and fuel efficiency is about 12 kmpl in the city. Truly hot hatch territory.

The Bravo is built on an extended Punto platform and hence this amounts to liberation of space for the rear passengers as well. Look-wise it is the best amongst the big hatches. It even surpasses the Honda Jazz on looks. It has a bold and planted stance. It can be related to the Punto with the placement of the head lamps and all. It also has all the creature comforts even for the base version. Fog lamps, Blue tooth and me, 16 inch alloy wheels, 4 way driver adjustable seats, Anti Braking Stability {ABS}, 2 airbags, climate control and a 2 din music player are some of the standard fare. The boot also offers 403 liters of space and the rear seats completely fold down like the Honda Jazz to liberate more space.

The bone of contention is that the Bravo would be priced at around Rs.10-11 lakhs. This is more than what the Jazz is priced for however at this price point, you get a formidable and very competent machine. It is expected to be launched at around March 2011. Its main competitors would be the Hyundai I20, Skoda Fabia, Chevrolet’s long forgotten Optra SR-V and the competent Honda Jazz.

Technical specifications of the Fiat Bravo diesel

Height: 1520mm

Width: 1760mm

Length: 4021mm

Engine location: Front

Engine: 1910cc, turbocharged multijet engine

Max. Power: 150bhp @4000rpm

Torque: 305 Nm @ 2000 rpm

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