New gadgets for automotive market – Indiandrives compilation

Every now and then an automobile enthusiast would think as to which would be the next accessory that he/she would like to adorn themselves with or their vehicles. Many a times, it is for adorning their vehicles but there are some enthusiasts who would like to dress themselves with the same matching color as their car or bike and even wear the wristwatches or shades bearing the  name of their choice of transportation. We have brought to you some of the latest accessories in the world of automobiles. Some of them may be even not related to automobiles at all but then we prefer to do it the Indiandrives way and this means no distinction between things.

Dirt 3 :

This is a game CD which has been hugely inspired by the gymkhana antics of Ken Block, the legendary drifter. This is your chance at being in Ken Block’s killer DC shoes and exploring more than five decades of rallying as also the opportunity to test the handling of over 50 rallying cars. It is priced at Rs 622 and is compatible for PC use.

Pioneer :

The ICE or In Car Entertainment expert Pioneer has brought two new head units in the form of Pioneer DEH 6390SD and Pioneer AVH-P3350BT. The former one has got connectivity for AUX, USB, Bluetooth and also iEverything. It is priced at Rs 8990. The latter is a 5.8 inch Double DIN DVD receiver which plays movies, tunes and also performs duties such as the screen for the reversing camera. Both the devices are available at all leading Pioneer authorized shops. The price for the latter is a bit high at Rs 25k. For further details, one can logon to

Tissot Seamaster 1000 :

This is one heck of a watch as it can withstand upto 300 meters of pressure under water, eventually making it waterproof upto that limit. The Helium valve which in inbuilt into it actually depressurizes the watch. Now, if this isn’t cool what would be. It is priced at Rs 48k.

Skill Drill 6513 :

A 550 watt motor coupled with a drilling and impact mode is what the Skill drill is all about. Moreover a 138 piece kit would be available with it making it the most handy tool kit that one could have ever had. It is priced at Rs 3.7k and can be ordered via

Now, this one cannot be named since it is only a book. But a book which would be very useful to the mud pluggers and sort. Yes, it is for the off-roader. Just a couple of years back, only the masochists amongst us would dare to buy an SUV and go mud plugging. However, the so called soccer moms as also the corporate honchos would be delighted if they could put their hands on an SUV, be it for whatsoever purpose. Not that the SUVs have become much more capable or something but it is just the general feeling that an SUV commands far more respect and awe than a similarly priced or specced sedan. So, the product that we have got here for all those mud loving populace is the book named “ Driving off the Map”. If you are even slightly interested in SUVs, then this is the book for you. Anything or everything that you wanted to know about SUVs or the way off-roading is done is listed out here. The way four wheel drive functions and also the types of 4 wheel drive options available is subtly listed out in the first few pages. The book deals with the different techniques needed to drive across terrain like gravel, snow, slush and also sand. Moreover, some of the legendary off-roading cars are also listed out here much to the likes of Land Rovers, Jeeps and also Land Cruisers. This book also deals with the different tyres that are suited for off-roading or also the vital part that a tyre deals with when it is in contact with off-roading conditions. Apollo Tyres is the main inspiration behind these tyres and hence a section of the book is dedicated to the pressure that should be maintained in the tyres and also the compounds that are used for the manufacture of the tyres. Moreover, this book carries a marvelous photography section which amplifies the off-road experience and can be literally lived through the amazing use of 3D routes. Well, this book would be all yours for a price of Rs 1500. It is available at all leading book stores.

Maui Jim Wiki Wiki :

This is one of the other objects listed here which has no relation to the automotive world, however, it can make its owner look like a hero or stud. It is a pair of glasses which are not only plane polarized but also have a choice between titanium or acetate frames. It is available at a premium to the Ray Bans at Rs 12.9k. The place to visit for ordering one is

2011 ARAI TT :

This is one hell of a helmet designed specifically for the bikers. It is designed by Aldo Drudi and is called as the RX-7 GP Isle of Man TT limited edition. This helmet would have only 5000 pieces made and this means it would be an exclusive unit. Performance Racing Store is the one which takes special orders for this helmet. It is also priced exorbitantly at Rs 75k. For more details logon to

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