New Generation A-Star Confirms a Fuel Economy of 33 kmpl in Petrol

We Indians are more attracted towards mileage rather than power and that is the basic theme of Suzuki to sell its product here. Though, new generation looks forward to power by opting a diesel jag under hoods, as cracking down the dilemma of highly rising petrol prices, but there is still another way which carmakers are working out to deal with and that is the unmatched fuel economy in petrol variants itself.

Suzuki new generation A-Star, most probably known as Alto Eco minivehicle in Japan, is chalked out on that same ideology. To confirm the news of fuel economy, 33 kmpl can be derived from it which is higher than its outgoing model claiming 30.2 kmpl and the most trusted Toyota Prius’ 32.6 kmpl. Need not to be shocked, such autonomous figure is derived by using various sort of engineering like Idle-stopping system and regenerative brake mechanism which compiles the use of petrol in a very comprehensive manner.

Next Generation Suzuki A-star

However, new generation A-Star is not slated for India but is confirmed to debut on 4th March 2013 in other international boundaries. If launched in India then will prove a great hit as nowadays government is firing up diesel prices too.

Lastly, the world is busy adding more horsepower to existing HP figures but we Asians are focusing on the mileage itself; after all that is also a part of refined engineering!

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