2010 Hyundai I10 diesel Preview


India’s second largest car manufacturer, Hyundai Motors, has aspirations to be the number 1 manufacturer in India. Overthrowing Maruti from the top position means a herculean task. Hyundai has been recently giving face-lifts to all of its existing model. Starting with the flagship Sonata to the Verna and now even the best seller I10. It gave it an upgrade in engine technology and slight exterior changes. The interiors were also revamped. The queues outside Hyundai’s showrooms means all these changes have been welcome with the Indian customers.

Now to make the I10 more value for money and to take the fight to Maruti’s camp, Hyundai are planning to launch a New Hyundai I10 diesel. It would be a 1.1 liter CRDi engine. Judging by the success of diesel powered automobiles, we can say that Hyundai already has a winner in the pits. The 1.1 liter will give out 64 bhp and 133Nm of torque. It is been touted as the most efficient small diesel in the country, even overshadowing the famous 1.3 liter multi jet from the Fiat stables and been used in across 10 cars in the Indian scene now.

Hyundai I10 diesel

Changes would be made to the front shock absorbers to accommodate for the diesel engine’s weight. Also NVH would be of prime importance and expect the diesel car to have the same NVH as the petrol powered one.

The 1.1 liter CRDI motor would be a marvel in itself. It would have 4 valves per cylinder however we are awaiting more details from Hyundai on this one. Hyundai will use their Chennai facility to make these diesels however reports have also filtered though that Hyundai would be directly importing the engines from Korea. The diesel variants would differ from their petrol counterparts in the vein that they would sport a CRDi badge at the rear and also a particular color scheme available only for the diesel.

How Hyundai India prices the car is to be seen. Going by Hyundai’s past records, they would definitely price the car bang in the Ford Figo price range. This should be a tough fight in the small car diesel car segment and the one to watch out for. The Hyundai I10 diesel India launch will be probably by May 2011.

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