New Motion To Venture Into India For Setting Up Charging Stations Worth Rs 1000 Crore

India kept adding new venture to the list of its automotive profile, a one more from the land of Dutch has finally landed and called to change the way India drives. That’s exactly they will do by planting the electric charging stations across the country facilitating the trend of electric vehicles (EV) to command its domination on the fossil fuels oriented vehicles.

New Motion, the organization from Dutch will invest Rs 1000 crore in the sector which will flow down in the form of a manufacturing facility, aims to make India as a global manufacturing hub of its station.

The car buyers in the country have still not accepted EVs as a substitute over the conventional cars. But the condition in Europe is taking the said segment very seriously and numbers of plans are laid to maximize them in the future.

In line to the said, India too has rolled off a National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) that has promoted the electric culture to a certain point, a funding of Rs 1,000 crore is also allotted. It remains a fact, except for Mahindra no other has rolled out an EV in the recent times to take on the advantage of such a scheme from government.

New Motion To Venture Into India For Setting Up Charging Stations

As per New Motion, the new charging station will take only 15-30 minutes to charge a car up to 80% as compared to the 6-7 hours of time take by standard socket.

Though, as an auto journalist, we want to ask the New Motion, how it will benefit the environment when the country produces its electricity at Thermal power stations? And what efforts the organization is pumping to make it a feasible long-term choice where a large area of country still faces challenges to meet the electricity for the daily needs?



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