Jaguar XF To Get A Long-Wheelbase Version

New XF of Jaguar with nothing more than a mid-size sedan due to its late entry in the market is hunting number of possibilities to stand out of the crowd has possibly found a one. As per to a reputed source, the maker is planning a long-wheelbase version of the sedan to fill the gap between the mid-size car and the flagship in the segment of upmarket vehicles. Though, Audi has A6 and BMW with a 5-Series in long-wheelbase alongside the Mercedes-Benz E-Class for Chinese markets are there in the tooth long back. On the same pretext, new XF too will entice the segment referrers with its stretched legroom at the rear, lending acres of space to stretch legs and outside show the world a new yet exclusive tranquility that has a more practical option of luxury.

Likewise to Jaguar XJ-L, the XF too will see the nomenclature as XF-L.

Internationally, the new XF holds 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel engine that sends the max power of 161bhp and 178bhp – two states of tunes. Other options that also gathers around it are the 3.0-liter twin turbocharged V6 diesel engine and a supercharged V6 of 3.0-liter petrol. The former generates max power of 296bhp while the latter introduces range topping figures of 375bhp.

Jaguar XF To Get A Long-Wheelbase Version

Hence, it’s Chinese to demand more of these long-wheelbase cars than any market around the world, expectedly the Jaguar too bring the XF first long-wheelbase for the said market followed by India at a later stage.

Source : Autocar India

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