Next gen Bugatti Veyron to be a hybrid?

Jens Schulenburg, Chief engineer at Bugatti, has recently revealed the company’s plan of bringing a successor to its most popular coupe, the Veyron. He also said that the new version of the Veyron has gone into production and he has also indicated that the new version is expected to be a hybrid. The existing version of the Veyron is pertinently named Veyron Super Sport.

Even though not much has been revealed about the new model, Schulenburg said that the biggest challenge on the next car would be to reduce its weight. He also said that company is looking forward to new technologies like use of carbon fiber wheels to reduce unwanted weight on the car. He also indicated that the company might be looking forward towards producing a hybrid model rather than going with the conventional version.

Next gen Bugatti Veyron to be a hybrid?

The launch date of the new version has not yet been revealed but as the production is still in its initial phase, a hybrid vehicle doesn’tseem feasible before 2014. One could expect the coupe to appear somewhere in 2014. The new hybrid Veyronwill housean8.0 litre petrol engine coupled with a seven-speed automatic transmission system. The existing version of the Veyron harvests a maximum of 987 Brake Horse Power at 6000 rpm and 1250 Nm of torque.

Bugatti Veyron is the fastest legal production car in the world. It can reach a speed of about 431 kmph. So, there wouldtoo much expectations lyingwith the Bugatti engineers to produce something comparable with the older Veyron. The new version must compete with the Veyron Super Sports in its performance and features in order to achieve its place in the market. The vehicle should at least touch 1000 rpm mark to prove its credibility.

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