Next-Gen Skoda Fabia Spotted Almost Undisguised

Earlier this year, the Czech Republic automaker announced the 3rd generation of simply clever small hatchback, the Skoda Fabia, would officially be unveiled this year. A number of executives have talked about the Fabia 3, giving us an abundance of details in the run-up to the first spotting of prototypes, which took place about a week ago. Guess what, the camouflage has been taken off those cars, revealing no less than four different but almost fully revealed models.

The Skoda Fabia’s design is quite similar to Rapid. A quite simple and large grille design is flanked by big headlamps. They are in fact much bigger unlike the photos would let you believe, since camouflage is obstructing the lower part. Meanwhile, the wing mirrors look nearly similar to those of a Volkswagen Polo, so do the door handles. Drum brakes are still used as they are cheaper to make and service. At the rear, large stickers obstruct the taillamps. We don’t, for a second believe, they will be using a 2-part system like camo would lead you to believe, as it’s an unnecessary and costly solution.

Next-Gen Skoda Fabia Spotted Almost Undisguised

Instead of using the new MQB platform, the automaker has decided to stick with the old architecture and make a new body. This is, again due to cost reasons. While the Octavia, Leon and Golf were designed and engineered at the same time, the Ibiza precedes its sisters by around two years. Most of the powerplants for Fabia will be carryovers from other VW Group cars. Base models will be propelled by the same 1.0 liter engine with 60 or 75HP, followed by upgraded TSI 1.2 units. The only diesel option is likely to be a 3-cylinder 1.4 liter, which Volkswagen Group has engineered to replace both 1.2TDI and 1.6 TDIs.

Speaking of carryovers, we have to talk about the colors which will help sell this new supermini. We are looking at Denim Blue Metallic, Brilliant Silver Metallic, Rio Red Metallic and Rally Green Metallic, all existing shaded. The green car features a black grille and trim, but isn’t actually a rally-inspired Fabia vRS. That model has been dropped from the model range because of slow sales.

Skoda has already confirmed that the vRS model will not make an appearance in the next-gen Fabia, because the current car has not been a commercial success.

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