Nimbus e-Car: The Future Of Road Trip

The future of mobility had many faces and everyone wants to cart the best of it for cashing the opportunity to maximum. Here, an example from Brazil that had been dropped on our desk is one such meant to be built soon.

Developed by the Brazilian designer Eduardo Galvani, the model titled as Nimbus e-Car, is a concept study that’s seems to be an ideal fit for the cars of future to be driven on a road trip. Cute and smart at the same time, the Nimbus e-Car has a mix of Land Rover Camel Trophy Truck, VW camper and a hint of deep-sea submarine.

Powering to the Nimbus comes from a 180bhp electric engine cranked to a micro-combustion generator, just like the hybrid systems that we have in most of the cars today. Ironically, the car is tuned to return more than 180 miles per gallon. The Nimbus is also equipped with regenerative brakes and solar cells on the roof to help power the fun bus add-ons.

Nimbus e-Car

Moving inside, the cabin is aggregated to accommodate four passengers at a time that will be cocooned with onboard Wi-Fi, as the passengers can upload the pictures at a flip taken during the trip. It’s not only the passengers to enjoy such benefits, even the driver’s is also ascended to enjoy some of these ancillaries after putting the vehicle on the on the Auto-Pilot. And an unknown feature added namely “Gearless Automatic Velocity System with Hill Descent Control” to also aide him in the same retract.

Nimbus e-Car interiors

Further details aren’t made delivered at our desk, but we believe the Nimbus e-Car should go into production.

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New Nimbus e-Car

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