Nissan Co. to Invest Around $37mn to Strengthen their Iwaki Plant in Japan

The CEO of Nissan Motor Co., Carlos Ghosn reportedly said that Nissan will soon be investing around $37mn for strengthening the foundation of their Iwaki plant based in Fukushima, which was one of the worst hit regions during the earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan on March 11.

Nissan will reportedly also take action at their other facilities in Japan after they make a note of the reinforcements required for making their plants stronger and safer. Ghosn was quoted as saying that they make their Iwaki plant a priority, and will later on focus on their other plants, situated closer to the earthquake prone regions. By making a few investments and taking precautions, they are trying to limit damage.

The decision of Nissan to make the foundation of their plants stronger, were probably encouraged by the country’s PM Naoto Kan, asking power company, Chubu to shutter nuclear power plant in the Shizuoko region till the tsunami defenses of the plant are improved.

Ghosn said that their Iwaki plant had reportedly suffered from considerable damage, which included loss of fuel, water and electricity. Many of the air ducts had fallen from the ceiling, cracks formed on the floor needed repair, while equipments were needed to be modified because of the slanted floors. Ghosn also congratulated the plant workers for all their hard work, presenting them with the President’s Award and saying that the Iwaki will a sign of their swift recovery.

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