Nissan Leaf launched in Japan

Nissan Motor Corporation have a technological innovation with them and it is aptly named as the Nissan Leaf in keeping with the theme of it been a green vehicle. This vehicle was earlier launched in the US market to gauge its response and it passed with flying colors. So much so that within its launch, about 5000 bookings were received. Now, Nissan Motor Corporation have decided to launch this car in their hometown, Japan.  It has been launched in Japan on December 21, 2010. It has received 6000 bookings so far and the first vehicle would be delivered to its owner before the end of this year.

For adding more convenience to this vehicle, the company has installed 200-volt normal chargers at their dealerships and mind you, there are around 2,200 Nissan dealers in Japan. 220 of this very high tech outlets will have a facility of quick chargers that can recharge the battery in about 30 minutes and upto 80% of its capacity. The next level for this company would be to get as many as charging outlets so that people buying this car wouldn’t have to worry about their charging points. Nissan Motor Corporation is also thinking of having a JV with Mitsubishi Motors who also have their new electric vehicle namely the i-MiEV EV for having quick chargers which would charge the vehicles for about 70% of their capacity. There are about 70 Mitsubishi dealers who would benefit from this venture. By this deal, the owners of both the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and also the Nissan Leaf would have a ease of convenience wherein which they can get their vehicles charged at any of the Nissan or Mitsubishi outlets.

To enhance the appeal for their car, the company also has a navigation system installed on the Nissan Leaf which would give them direct routes for a charging point. For a flat monthly fee of $18, the company also provides for information about the charging facilities. Currently the Nissan Leaf only has a range of 200 kms on a full charge. The good news is that the Nissan Leaf would soon be launched in the Indian market as well. That they are already are on the thinking path of getting as many as of their vehicles in India is a sure shot way of garnering up their sales. They are also in the process of opening about 3 show rooms in various Indian cities in a month. The pricing of this vehicle would also hold a key since for the price conscious Indian market, it is a make or break for any car manufacturer.

3 thoughts on “Nissan Leaf launched in Japan

  1. Kewl one yaar. This car is the one I am waiting for in India. Petrol ka price bahut jyaada hain aur apne pass paisa kam. India ka future ab Nissan Motors k haath main hain. Jai Ho. Vande Mataram. But I very much am doubtful that when this car would be launched in India. Mujhe plug lagana padega extra electricity ka. Lag toh raha hain ki kaafi spacious hain. Dikhne main bhi acchi hain.Ekdum Hyundai ki I20 lag rahi hain.Mag wheels bi acche dikh rahe hain. Engine shaayad weak hain par chalta hain. Aneways bahar kaun leke jayega. Isse toh city main hi ghumana hain.Nissan opening 3 dealerships per month?It is a good news.waise bhi MP main jyaada nahin hain Nissan K showrooms. Ek hamare Chindwara main aa jayega toh accha hain. Indiandrives aur hume jyaada aise hi information diya karo. Accha lagta hain. Paper padhne ki jaroorat nahin padthi.

  2. @Ravi really this car going to afford any ordinary people. It works on charging then there is nothing bad. But I am still want to see how many it consumes electricity. Sabse badi bat ye hai ki woh 30 minute me 80% battery charge ho sakti hai.

  3. hmm this car is definitely worth the appreciation but it’ll take almost a decade for this car to be launched in India ‘AT’ a feasible price, cause right now it’s totally irrelevant to even think about the car in our country. The price of this vehicle will be almost doubled with those import taxes. Though, Nissan is really expecting to talk it over with the Indian government as this car will lead a healthy environment campaign in itself, and since India has always been a part of such campaigns… let’s hope for the best.

    But don’t you think it’ll be pain to recharge it again and again and obviously the recharging facility won’t be available anywhere.
    but then to everyones surprise this car can be recharged through the normal charging point provided in every house as well…

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