Nissan Motors clock highest sales figure till now

Nissan Motors India Limited are going strong with the launch of the Nissan Micra diesel. The company had rightly predicted that the diesel variant of its small car would definitely win many over with its practicality. Proof enough is the domestic sales figure for Nissan for the month of February 2011. Last year at around the same time, the company recorded sales of only 44 units. Whereas this year, the figure rose to 2081 units just for the Nissan Micra. Now, many would argue that the small car wasn’t launched in Jan last year. So for those, Nissan can give this repartee that in January 2011, the sales figure was 1784 units for the Micra. So the sales figures of February 2011 can be termed as the highest for the company so far in their Indian operations.

The much loved sports car, the Nissan 370Z had one buyer in February 2011 whereas the slow moving Nissan Teana had 14 takers as against the 23 last year for the same month. The soft roader, the Nissan X-trail managed sales of 36 units than the 21 units that it managed in January 2011. As of the company has managed to move out 9 370Z cars from its show rooms, since its launch in January 2010.

To improve its customer experience, Nissan has provided customers with a toll free number 1800-209-4080 as also the company’s email address . This is in lieu of the ‘Nissan Care’ initiative that the company is taking to assure customers of their commitment to their Indian operations. The HAI in the email address refers to Hover Automotive India. They are the ones who take care of the customer relationship management, sales and marketing, after sales in India as also the dealer development for the company.

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