Nissan Names Nismo Its Official Performance Partner

In a major declaration, well known auto giant Nissan Motor Company has declared Nismo as its authorized high-performance partner, assuring a complete variety of hotted-up production vehicles comprising a Nissan GT-R Nismo.

The company’s chief executive officer (CEO) Carlos Ghosn made confirmation about the Nismo revival on Tuesday at the inauguration of the sports car section’s international headquarters and development centre in Yokohama, Japan.

Carlos Ghosn stated, “Nismo will pass on new delight to the Nissan range with a broader choice of reasonable and ground-breaking performance vehicles for extra market zones and more individuals.”

“Whether it is a small vehicle or a sports vehicle, if it’s wearing the Nismo brooch it provides something unique – excellence, practicality, and competence, with Nismo’s unique styling, athletic handling and energetic performance potentialities.”

Nismo Named Official Performance Partner for Nissan

The company has already rolled out the Juke Nismo in the European market, and is gearing up to reveal its second model, the 370Z Nismo, at the coming Geneva motor show (GMS) in the month of March.

The Japanese auto manufacturer said that new Nismo cars will be brought out at a “fast speed”, with “at least one vehicle on an annual basis” between now and the year 2016.

Amongst those vehicles will be the Nissan GT-R Nismo that Carlos guaranteed would be just “unique”.

“I can not wait to enjoy it,” an elated Carlos added up.

Mr. Peter Fadeyev, Nissan Australia corporate communications boss, stated that the local section was thrilled with the declaration of the Nismo sports vehicle line however said no authoritative verdicts regarding its introduction had been made at this phase.

“It’s a vastly thrilling progress for Nissan internationally,” Mr. Peter said. “Regarding the Australian market, an authorized opening of Nismo is still under appraisal, it’s not yet affirmed.”

Mr. Peter confirmed talks regarding rolling out Nismo in the Australian market have been continuing “for a moment”, and insisted the high-performance section was a pleasing halo for the local array.

“It is [sought-after]. Other makers’ performance brands reveal that the Australian market has a sturdy craving for performance vehicles and we believe that would be relevant to brands like ours.

“There’s a complete suite of carss that we are at this time viewing as part of the overall proposal for Nismo. If it were to be rolled out in the Australian market, the vehicles would just be part of it…”

“We’re looking at the complete brand largely, its accessories, the cars themselves, the whole project.”

Nissan has made investment in a completely new plant for Nismo’s processes, reformulating a previous production facility with resources for elaborating beyond motorsport engineering to include road vehicle development together with Nissan.

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