Now a mobile application to calculate auto fare

Gone will be the days of having to argue with the autowalas in your city, an unavoidable nuisance that we face almost on a daily basis, regardless of the place across the country. People have now become resilient to the fact that these meters installed in Auto rickshaws and the taxis are rigged to milk the passengers. People are obviously nervous, by this atrocious behavior on the part of transport car drivers, in these times of double digit inflation. Well all this has now come to an end with a latest application which will enable the passenger to determine the correct fare.

If reports in the media are to be believed, MindHelix Technologies, a Kochi-based company has unveiled the ‘Tuk Tuk’ meter, essentially a mobile phone application which helps the commuter to determine a fair fare for an auto rickshaw. It is billed as India’s first multi-platform application which can calculate the distanced covered by the auto rickshaw using GPS and calculate the correct and fair fare. The application is modeled to run on various smart phones with Symbian, Android or Blackberry operating systems sans any manual fare or distance entry.

Another positive about this application, the ‘Tuk Tuk’ meter, is that it can function without service provider enabling it or an internet connection. With this feature it has the capability to function in the remotest of areas. The user interface of the application is user friendly with a simple Start / Stop button. It has remarkable customizing capabilities as well. One can change the fare details according to the location by changing the same in the settings page. It was further mentioned that the application must be started while entering the Auto rickshaw and the meter in the mobile phone will start running alongside the meter in the rickshaw.

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