Old Public Bus is salvaged to create a new home in Israel

Hopefully no one cares about the scraped public bus, but these two women in the world go looking for these sorts of stuffs in their city. However, we learnt that they are not passionate, nor fanatic of registering themselves in the Guinness book of World Records for holding the maximum number of scrapped bus. Instead, those Israeli ladies wanted to dwell the scrapped metal into a new comfortable living space which can prove as a boon to the place in Israel where there is a scarcity of living space.

Named as Tali Shaul, a psychotherapist, and Hagit Morevski, an ecological pond water treatment specialist, became friends after their two sons started playing together. Having the views in common, duos spent a long time searching for a creative project or an amazing joint business idea for which they could work together on. Finally, a women’s style magazine gave them the idea about alternate housing solution.

That same week, Shaul and Morevski bought an old public transportation bus from the scrapyard and decided to give it a home like feel. Ending up with it at their friend Vered Sofer Drori’s doorstep who is a designer by profession, the scraped bus now finally got a brand new feeling on interiors. And not to be trusted, Vered Sofer Drori gave it a more airy and comfortable aura, unlike to many of the container type dwelling in many of the countries.

Old Public Bus is salvaged to create a new home in Israel

The bus now contains a bathroom, rear bedroom, storage throughout, a full kitchen and even luxuries like air-conditioning to pamper its owner at the best. Hence, it can be uttered that those who weren’t able to buy a home in their expensive surroundings can get themselves an example like this for making other feel jealous that, your luxurious home is “motorized”, and theirs is not.

Old Public Bus
Someone who doesn’t tend to believe can watch the details of bus in the images below. Hope so, one would like it!

Old Public Bus is salvaged to create a new home

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