Opel may come back to India

Opel, was once upon a time, the best car company present in India. Its brand equity can be compared with that of fellow German Mercedes. However due to some flagging reasons, the brand had to beat a hasty retreat. The good news is that the company is thinking of their prospects of coming back to India.

Opel, which is owned by General Motors is checking out fast growing markets like Australia and eventually India as well. Opel officials said that currently their car portfolio is one of the strongest in the world and this would be a good time to make an impact in India, which by the way has got many good car companies already making their presence felt. The Opel Astra was once a much respected car in India and its newest generations also boast of having as many features as an Audi A4. Shanghai Automotive which is GM’s partner in India could well be skeptical about the General binging in their German brand back to India, however it seems that talks are going on with the officials of Shanghai and if everything turns out well, things would go in the right direction. 2013 is the probable timeframe by which Opel would be back in India again.

Opel may come back to India

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