Peugeot 208 Natural And Urb Concepts Unveiled At Sao Paulo Motor Show

Those who think Peugeot can make only conventional looking hatchbacks, are needed to think over once again. Though, this French automaker hadn’t revealed something out-of-the-box at Sao Paulo Motor Show, but unveiling of 208 Natural and Urb concepts depicted Peugeot is still in the league to make a more aggressive move in future.

208 Natural Concept is basically an eco-friendly model featured with components sourced from sustainable sources. A very detailed and specific revelation isn’t made. Cosmetic appeal on outer is fizzed with brown exterior paint and upgraded cabin space with specially crafted seats, dashboard and upholstery. Under the bonnet, automaker affirmed it of being based on the 208 Allure model which comes powered by a 1.5-liter Flex engine.

On the flipside, just like nomenclature added, Peugeot 208 ‘Urb’ Concept, it is designed to entice the urban movers. It possesses all that Peugeot gimmicks in right context, featuring roof rack stacked with AE21 electric bicycle. Chrome accents on body makes that composition more engaging. Inside the cabin, an umbrella compartment and luggage parcel tray shows off tranquilities of true-blue urban mover’s preference when on the move. The version on which it is pinned is the top-end 208 Griffe boasting a1.6-liter Flex engine in the bay mated to an automatic transmission.

Peugeot 208 Natural And Urb Concepts Unveiled

Probably, now there don’t seem any possibilities of them making into production. Still then, we enjoyed seeing them, specifically Urb concept the most.

Peugeot 208 Natural And Urb Concepts Unveiled interiors

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Peugeot 208 Natural And Urb

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