Pic Of The Day: Mahindra Thar in a Devastating Sludge

Going off the beaten path was almost an activity of military as well as niche classes, giving due to their big bonkers. However, commons were deprived from this action for some quite long duration, but organizations like Mahindra and Maruti with their range of tough SUVs had proven a boon to auto industry.

Mahindra Thar is a rugged buddy that stays with us even in the harshest conditions, as one enjoys that tempting friendly situation to the core. Of course we all have some sort of off-roading trivia whenever we see a Thar but can’t imagine that this Mahindra moinkered vehicle would face such a terrain.

Though, the Indian carmaker wasn’t so confident about its caliber, unless and until they got their hands on this photograph. Getting this frame had made them to swing with full of joy, as really one cannot see even see the paint job of that true SUV but it is still grunting hard to push itself out of that muddy pool.

Mahindra Thar

This tantalizing moment was tweeted by Mahindra itself, while its previous tweet also states that, take the tough to free service camp being held at all dealerships. One can avail 5% discount on the spares and a 10% off on labor charges, as of the last date is 24th Feb.

Fortunately, a lucky draw too waits at the venue, so just hurry!

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