Pininfarina Cambiano Concept leaked ahead of Geneva

Barely days to go for the kick-off of the Geneva Motor show, and there is just another leak in the concept car gallery. Images of the plug-in diesel hybrid, Pininfarina Cambiano concept has hit the internet after months of teasing. The pictures come via Quattroroute and give away a lot about the car’s features.

The Pininfarina Cambiano concept appears externally like a three-door coupe, yes three door, that draws inspiration from the 1957 Lancia Florida II. With a sleek and un-conventional appearance, the Cambiano features LED headlights, long hood, very low ground clearance and windshield running across its entire roof.

Pininfarina Cambiano Concept leaked ahead of Geneva

Pininfarina’s interior features leather upholstery, recycled oak flooring lower door panels and center console. The interior is designed to minimal description, with more attention paid to the aesthetics. Speaking of aesthetics, the B-pillar is missing to maximize interior space.

An individual motor powers each wheel. Supporting the motor is battery, a diesel-fueled turbine or both, combining to an output of 816hp. Its’ 0-100kmph is under 4.2 seconds with a top speed of nearly 250kmph. On full charge, the Cambiano concept can travel to as much as 200km.

Pininfarina Cambiano Concept leaked ahead of Geneva

Even with the diesel powering the turbine, the car is designed keeping in mind the emissions. With just 45grams of CO2 per km, the Cambiano is quite environmental friendly.

Pininfarina Cambiano concept was designed by Chief Creative Officer, Fabio Filippini, who previously designed the French Renault. With the Cambiano being his first Pininfarina, Filippini admits that the concept was inspired from 1957 Lancia Florida II. He wanted to make a strong impact with the design, also a reason why the car was named Cambiano, Italian for ‘change’.

As for the three-door coupe, the Cambiano features design styling like the Hyundai Veloster. The Cambiano features a single door on the driver’s side, but a front door and a rear-hinged suicide door on the passenger side.

Pininfarina Cambiano Concept leaked ahead of Geneva

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