Pioneer Electronics launches new car entertainment products

To enhance inside the car entertainment and to take user experience to a newer level, Pioneer India Electronics revealed its new range of car products for 2013. These new models features Pioneer’s latest technologies and was revealed by Bollywood actor and its brand ambassador, Shahid Kapoor. New products are designed to enhance the consumer experience to a new level with a number of new and improved functions, which are aimed at delivering ultimate entertainment experience inside your car.

The new product line-up witnessed a long range of features and significant improvement over the predecessors. The products offer a diverse range of functions to suit every need of the consumers. Last year witnessed launch of exclusive DJ technology called ‘MIXTRAX’ for the Indian users. This year Pioneer India Electronics has extended this technology to their various models including their audio and video lineups. MIXTRAX is an exciting piece of technology that creates a non-stop mix of the tracks from your entire music library embedded with DJ effects, which creates a club like sensation in your car.  The models featuring this technology includes, DEH-X7590SD, DEH-X8550BT, DEH-X3590UI, DEH-X6590BT, FH-X559UI, FH-X759BT and all the models of AV receivers.

Pioneer Electronics launches new car entertainment products

The involvement of the smartphones in the life of the people has been growing in recent years, with its new 2013 product line-up Pioneer has revealed smart solutions for its smart users. The complete new 2013 product range will be featuring ‘Advanced App mode’ technology that will allow users to control the applications from their compatible iPhone through the units touch screen. the app will allow users to use the apps related to the navigation and travel such as Google Maps. Extramile, NavFree etc. a long list of music related apps can also be used with the Advanced app through the VGA display of the unit.

Looking forward towards the changing trend and consumer preference towards the headunits and media carrying devices, Pioneer also introduced affordable double din CD players, FH-X559UI and FH-X759BT and another digital media receiver, MVH-355BT and MVH-159UI. This year, Pioneer came up with more models featuring Bluetooth and exciting displays. The new range of in-car audio and video receivers also features Advanced Sound Retriever Technology which restores the high frequency sound that is being lost in the digital compression process with its enhanced sound quality. Other than the sound quality and usage, Pioneer stressed on creating reliable products by introduction of anti-dust design in all of its newly launched models. Anti-Dust design avoids accumulation of dust inside the system through an efficient heat dissipation system to improve the airflow and restricts the dust entry and thus ensuring longer life of the product.

Pioneer Electronics launches new car entertainment products

Pioneer India Electronics also introduced a refreshed, stronger and exciting range of speakers. The speakers have been targeted mainly to the Indian users and delivers high output with extreme RMS and SPL, which together creates a distinct sound for your car. The series is named as Bullet, which itself signifies its sound characteristics. Unique features of Bullet speakers are high sensitivity and high power capacity. The design is characterized by light weight and rigid titanium diaphragm, high power motor assembly, large magnet and aluminum die cast chassis. The series contains complete range of tweeters, subwoofers and mid bass speakers. Pioneer also introduced reinvented A-series speakers, with which it serves new types of speaker cones in India, Multi-Layer Matrix mica cone. The cone helps it to give more loudness and clarity to the sound. The new A-series speakers are enhanced with major power push to meet the taste of Indian market. The speaker design has also become more aggressive.

According to Mr. Tatsuo Takeuchi, Managing Director Pioneer Corporation, The in-car market system has evolved quite a lot; the new product range being offered by Pioneer is another step towards aligning the Indian market with the success witnessed by the global market. He also added that India is one of their key markets and is prime focus of their current business plan along with China and Brazil. At the event of showcasing of product, Brand Ambassador Shahid Kapoor said that he believe that music can touch souls and even more if it is heard right. He also said that he is extremely pleased to attached with Pioneer India Electronics as they always deliver their unique range of products blessed with cutting edge technology. he further added that he is quite sure that this extensive range of music entertainment system will provide dynamic and wonderful music experience to all music lovers specially with the MIXTRAX technology.

Pioneer Electronics launches new car entertainment products

Speaking on the launch, MD Pioneer India Electronics, Mr. Toshiyuki Shindo said that pioneer has always been forerunner when it comes about the technology, quality and innovations. The main aim at pioneer is to design and develop products that could compile with the ever changing demand and need of the Indian consumers. The 2013 product range with the technological advanced features such as MIXTRAX across the product portfolio will provide users with wide range of products to choose from. The new product range also provides variety and diversity to the existing range. On the occasion of the launch Mr. Gaurav Kulshrestha, Manager Marketing and Product, said that the Pioneer has always tried to offer technologically advanced and best products to their customers. He further added that the new 2013 product line-up has all the features and technological advancement that a music lover could want to have it in their car. He hoped that the new product range will enhance the overall entertainment experience of the average user.

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