Polaris India inaugurates its 1st Experience Zone (PEZ) in North India at Dharuhera, Haryana

Adventure sports has its own charm over the sports, and now for all the adventure enthusiasts who love to go off road with their dirt bikes or race on uneven terrain, Polaris

India Pvt Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Polaris Industries Inc., the world leader in off-road and All-Terrain Vehicles, announced the launch of its off-road track (Polaris Experience Zone) in Dharuhera,

Haryana. Hard-core adventure and motorsports enthusiasts can now experience the thrill of riding the heart thumping series of power sport vehicles lined up by Polaris, on these tracks. The new track, 69 Kms away from Delhi on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway is called the Pickup Fun Zone and also houses an adventure theme park, along restaurant.

Spread over an huge area, the off road track at the Pickup Fun Zone is nicely located offering a chance to explore the outdoors in a fun, new, exciting and adventurous way. You can enjoy the thrill of Polaris vehicles and a sense of discovery as you manoeuvre through dirt track with trucks, slush pit, humps, sand and stones all on a complete dirt terrain giving the full mud and dirt experience. A ride on the Polaris ATV single seater will cost Rs. 350 and Rs. 500 for a double seater.

Polaris India inaugurates Experience Zone in Dharuhera, Haryana

Speaking on the launch Mr Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director, Polaris India Pvt Ltd., said, “Off-roading experience is gaining traction in India. We are witnessing a positive trend towards adventure sports in India. Dharuhera is a strategic location for us as it is a part of the Delhi-NCR region and is on the Delhi- Jaipur High way. We foresee huge interest and growth prospects in Polaris Experience Zone and plan to introduce more off-road tracks in other locations all over the country. With such PEZ adventure lovers can now experience the real off-road thrill.”

Polaris India inaugurates its 1st Experience Zone

The owner of the Pickup Fun Zone, Mr Sanjay Bajaj said, the owner of Pickup Fun Zone, Mr Sanjay Bajaj said, “We are thrilled to be associated with Polaris India. Pick Up Fun Zone is the perfect get away for corporates as well as families in the Delhi-NCR area. It is an adrenaline boosting place, where you will be exhilarated to ride the fast-paced Polaris ATVs on the muddy irregular un levelled terrain. While you enjoy that invigorating experience, your kids can spend time playing or eating at Zaiqa, an on-site restaurant with an ethnic ambience with a seating capacity of 120.

Polaris Experience Zone

The conference rooms equipped with Wi-Fi have a seating capacity of 60 and are available for our guests. We strongly believe in family values. Pickup Fun Zone is the product of constant efforts and thoughts focused on a building a place for families to strengthen their bonds in today’s busy lives. It is a place you wouldn’t want to leave.” Off-Road vehicles are specially engineered to travel on rough and uneven roads. They are widely used in sectors such as defence, paramilitary forces, agriculture, entertainment and tourism, among others. These vehicles are capable of providing a smooth drive even on rocky, slushy, desert and muddy surfaces.

Polaris India has on offer a diverse range of its models for the lovers of off-roading The Phoenix 200 is proven and reliable ATV. It comes with 200cc 4-stroke single cylinder air-cooled engine and Automatic Transmission (PVT) with forward, neutral and reverse.

Apart from the newly launched PEZ in Dharuhera, Polaris also has 19 other such PEZ spread all over the county to reach out to more people and in turn give the participants a chance to experience the off road racing experience within their city.

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