Porsche celebrates 50th Anniversary with the record breaking 911 parade

Porsche 911 is already a magnificent piece of metal, and to make it brighter than before Porsche had now registered it in the book of World Records by holding a parade in its name.

No to competition, the said parade was held at the Silverstone during last week to mark the 50th Anniversary of Porsche. Not less than the 1,208 911 models were gathered on the race track to make the vision successful.

“It’s because of the 911 that Porsche had the financial resources to go racing and create the history of the 917, 956, 962 and all the wins that we had around the world with all my fabulous team-mates. Porsche did a heck of a lot for me so to be here in this parade driving around my home track Silverstone is a great honour,” said former Porsche racing driver Derek Bell.

The parade had also been given a special touch by the experts of the automotive industry. Numbers of former Porsche drivers named Derek Bell and Richard Attwood amongst others, and indeed the most famous 911s like Carrera, RS, RSR, GT, Speedster, Targa, and Turbo models were present there at the venue. Funds for “Hope for Tomorrow” cancer charity were also raised via this parade.

Porsche will Celebrate 911's 50th Anniversary
Just to inform, Porsche will celebrate its 50th Anniversary throughout the year with various events being held to call it for the fame of the past half century, inclusive of an official exhibit at the Porsche Museum too, that started on June 4 and will continue till September 29.

Porsche 911 parade set to celebrate 50th Anniversary

Porsche celebrates 50th Anniversary Porsche 911 parade

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