Porsche Clock App by Gaspertrix for Blackberry Z30

Those who love Porsche a lot more than anything else in their life, carmaker from Germany has gifted them a bouquet of good-time this Christmas. But let’s be clear before hitting the point, the gift from Porsche is applicable only for those who own a “Blackberry Z30”.

Yes, that’s true, an app for blackberry Z30 has surfaced on internet which titles as “Porsche Clock” and shows the time in true “Porsche” style. Gaspertrix developer of Igrann is the face behind development of the application. And needed to mention, the clock features fully functioning alarm (no quick alarm toggle), full timer and full time display as per specific location.

Hope so, it is a nice goodie to flash on the phone during night mode and such.

Porsche fans can fill in their excitement by downloading the said clock at the link here: http://www.igrann.com/gaspertrix.clock.bar.

Porsche Clock App by Gaspertrix for Blackberry Z30

Important note: After downloading this watch, one has to then sideload it on the device.

Porsche Clock App by Gaspertrix

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