Porsche Macan Crashed in Poland: First Accident

Porsche Macan, the little SUV of Porsche, already created havoc before landing onto many of the shores. Latest pick to boil its news is – first accident of Macan occurred in Poland! The picture on this post is of same.

In an anchoring gist, it was reported, the German SUV had a head-on-head crashed with an Audi A4 last Friday, near the city of Radomierz, which then result SUV to have hit a tree and flipped down on the grass.

Crashed Porsche Macan was driven by a 53-year old man.

Porsche Macan Crashed in Poland First Accident

The local Polish media reported three men were rushed to the nearby hospital after accident. There is no information right now about the further circumstances of crash, or those three men.

First Porsche Macan crash comes from Poland photos

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