Porsche Posts 29.5% Growth in June Deliveries Worldwide

Porsche managed to deliver more vehicles to customers globally in June as well. The deliveries of the company rose by 29.5%, in comparison to the corresponding period, a year ago. Porsche managed to deliver 10,677 cars in June, bringing the half yearly sales total to 60,659 vehicles sold; a growth of 36.8% over the same period last year.

The company’s management board member for marketing and sales, Bernhard Maier, said approving the developments that they managed to raise their deliveries by a significant margin last month as well. This was matched in success by their sales figures. The high increase in new orders, specifically for their sport cars with front engines, Panamera and Cayenne, lays ground for them to expect better sales figures in the upcoming months.

Last month, the company managed to increase their presence in most of their worldwide markets. They again witnessed a great response from their Chinese customers, with deliveries almost quadrupling to about 2,423 vehicles in comparison to the corresponding period last year. Apart from the Cayenne off-road car, their most popular vehicle was Panamera.

Having sold 2,546 cars in USA, the company announced an 18.9% growth for June 2011. In their German domestic market, the company managed to deliver around 1,344 cars in June, roughly around the same figure they delivered in June 2010, with the diesel powered Cayenne variant was the most popular.

Meanwhile, the company saw a decline of 6.5% in deliveries in Europe, following weak sales in many of their European markets, like Austria, Netherlands and Great Britain. Their market in Russia, however, witnessed a reverse outlook, with the company managing a significant growth of 63.6% last month, delivering about 216 cars.

The Cayenne also saw a lot of demand. Last month alone, the company managed to sell around 4,994 models of Cayenne, a growth of 69.2% over the same period, last year. Their deliveries for the first half of the year almost doubled, with 30,055 cars delivered, compared to the corresponding period in the year before. These deliveries included 2,000 units of the Cayenne Hybrid, so the Porsche became the new worldwide market leader of off road hybrid vehicles.

The company managed to sell around 2,318 units of Panamera, an increase of 14.1% over last year in June. Of their 911 series, Porsche delivered around 2015 vehicles, an increase of 1%. The Boxster sold around 1,350 models, including the Cayman, a 6.5% growth in comparison to the corresponding period a year ago.

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