Porsche reveals Cayenne Turbo S

Scheduled to hit the UK market from January next year, the new Cayenne range topper is powered by a slightly tweaked version of the standard turbo 4.8 litre V8 engine, the same engine is used in the Panamera Turbo S. The modification includes increase in the turbo charger boost pressure, enhanced free flowing inlet manifold for improved air intake and revamped electronics including other several tweaks.

The engine tweaks allow the new engine to reach to a maximum power of 542 bhp about 42 bhp more than the Turbo model making it the most powerful Cayenne Turbo S yet. Torque has also been increased to 76.4 kgm, about 5.11 kgm more than the previous model. This added power reduces the 0-100kmph time by about 0.2 sec and has also added about 5kmph more to the top speed without compromising with fuel efficiency according to the official Porsche statement.

Porsche reveals Cayenne Turbo S

The four wheel drive Cayenne Turbo S inherits the same chassis layout as the Cayenne Turbo with air suspension and air damping control technology from Porsche with hydraulically operated roll bars to check the body rolls and another torque vectoring system along with the electronically controlled differential lock at the rear.

The new vehicle has also witnessed a series of cosmetic changes, that include black high gloss treatment for the headlamps and mirror housing, the uniquely styled alloy wheels helps to compliment the Porsche’s increased power with external looks. Inside has been embedded with the new leather furnishings and carbon trims.

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