Pre-Owned Car Business by BMW to be launched

The trend started with “True Value”, by Maruti Suzuki, which was then followed by “First Choice”, by the Mahindra Group, Mercedes Benz is already in this line and now BMW seems to have joined the pre owned cars business. The German car manufacturer will be calling its pre owned car business as “BMW premium selection”, and will feature cars that have been used for less than 5 years or have a mileage less than 1,20,000 km. This saves buyers the unnecessary hassle of having to run background checks on the car.

The used car would also be having a warranty, same as a new BMW, with a complete check up of the car too, making the entire buying process very stress free for the buyer. As Mr. Andres Schaaf, President, BMW India, said, “India has a magnificent potential in pre-owned car market which if handled well can definitely prove a very lucrative business and this is why we are planning to start up the business very soon.”

Pre-Owned Car Business by BMW to be launched

The first showroom will be opened in New Delhi on the 24th of November, and slowly be expanded to other cities. It is the dream of every car owner, no matter their wealth, to one day own a BMW, and for many this remained a dream, for a new BMW is out of the reach of the common man, but due to this initiative by the car manufacturer, one can actually turn this dream into reality, as there will be cars starting from as low as INR 10 Lakhs.

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