Preview of the MINI Cooper India

There have always been trend setters in every field. The automobile industry is not exceptional to this fact. If there is a vehicle in the auto industry that epitomizes trendy cool styling, it is the MINI Cooper. Car lovers in India have plenty to rejoice as the MINI Cooper makes its way to the Indian market.

Market Dynamics in India seem to indicate that the country is not ready to accept small cars having premium pricing but persons at the helm of BMW, who own the MINI, seem to differ in opinion. The manufacturers view India as one big, unexplored market and are even going to the extent of undertaking feasibility studies to explore the possibility of assembling this vehicle locally at their Chennai factory. This exercise, of course, is aimed at increasing the affordability of this vehicle compared to the fully imported Beetle by Volkswagen.

Min Cooper in India

MINI will start of its Indian adventure by launching the Cooper hatchback. The design of the Cooper has the stamp of MINI and the retro styled interiors consisting of big dials amplify this aspect. Though the vehicle is termed as a four-seater, the seat space at the rear is minimal thereby making this three-door vehicle to fit in two occupants for best comforts.

MINI Cooper interior

The convertible will follow the footsteps of the Cooper hatchback in coming to India. This will again be followed by the countryman crossover. All the three minis that will enter the Indian market will have 1.6 liter diesel and petrol engines.

Expected Specifications:

  • Engine: 1.6 liter diesel and petrol engines.
  • Kerb Weight will be 1165 kg.
  • Dimensions: Length of 3723 mm, Width of 1913 mm and Height of 1407 mm.
  • The petrol variant will have power/torque 122bhp/16.3kgm whereas the diesel variant will have 112bhp/25.5kgm.
  • The vehicle is expected to be priced at Rs.12 lakh.
  • The expected launch in India would be around mid 2012.

MINI Cooper in India

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