Production capacity of 2011 Fluidic Verna to be ramped up

Seeing the response that they have received for the new 2011 Hyundai Fluidic Verna, Hyundai Motors India Limited is thinking of ramping up the production capacity of this very capable sedan. Till date, Hyundai has received more than 21k bookings from all over the country for this sedan and its just being a month ever since the car was launched. Hyundai definitely doesn’t want to go the Toyota way (Etios) and hence are increasing the number of units which would be shipped out from the factory on a daily basis.

Hyundai’s Sales and Marketing Director, Mr Arvind Saxena said that their dealerships all across the country are receiving overflowing bookings for this car and Hyundai doesn’t want to end up receiving the stick from the customers when they learn the waiting periods associated with the diesel models. The exact capacity ramp up is yet to be decided  by the company and details from the Sriperumbdur factory would be rolled out soon.

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