Production cuts impact the sales of Honda Siel Cars in India

It had been recently reported by us that the impact of the severe floods in Thailand had resulted in Honda Siel Cars India facing huge constraints in getting vehicle parts imported to India from that country. The company’s production in India has taken a hit beginning November 2011, which has now gone on to impact the monthly sales. The production subsidiary for Honda automobile in Thailand, HATC, which has its headquarters in Rojana Industrial Park in the province of Ayutthaya, has suspended production from the 4th of October, as the plant premises has been flooded. This has caused a complete disruption in getting components supplied from the Thailand plant.

All models that are manufactured in India have been affected by the shortage of parts. However, the vehicles that have taken the maximum hit are the Honda City, Honda Jazz and Honda Brio. The Senior Vice President for Marketing and Sales, Honda Siel Cars India, Mr. Jnaneswar Sen, said that as the company had announced previously that the floods in Thailand had severely impacted their production in November owing to shortage of parts, the same was also likely to continue in the month of December as well. He regretted on behalf of the company for the inconvenience that Honda customers were facing as a result of these developments and appealed to them for understanding the situation. He also declared that HSCI was fully geared up to ensure that they resumed their full production within the shortest possible time.

As per reports of the company, it had registered 1,982 units of sales in November 2011.

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