Punto Abarth Bookings Started by Fiat India

It has been officially announced by Fiat India that bookings for the Punto Abarth have begun. The hatchback has been eagerly awaited in Indian markets and at a booking amount of Rs.50000, many are going hammer and tongs to try and complete their booking as soon as they can. The Punto Abarth in its final form was shown recently during the 595 Competizione launch and is to be launched within a month here in India.

The car is set apart by the 1.4-litre T-Jet turbocharged engine which we saw earlier on the Linea T-Jet and with a power output of a great 140bhp coupled with 200Nm in terms of torque, the Abarth packs quite a punch. In addition to the engine, a disc brake has been added at all four corners by Fiat and the ride height has also been lowered by 200mm when compared to a standard car.

Punto Abarth Bookings Started by Fiat India

With the Abarth, Fiat is looking to make the most of the festive atmosphere and will sell the car on the basis of the “Made in India” tag that has been gaining popularity. In terms of looks, the Abarth looks quite a lot like the Punto however; in terms of performance it definitely has enthusiasts licking their lips. The Abarth already has raised a lot of attention and all that is necessary now is an affordable price tag to make it among the most sought after hatchbacks in the supremely competitive segment today.

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