Race cars of Toyota Etios showcased in Chennai for the first time

Chennai saw the launch of concept cars for the Etios Motor Racing by Toyota Kirloskar in a formal event organized at Lanson Toyota showroom on Poonamallee High Road recently. This series will have its winner through six different races, which is due next year sometime. Through this series Toyota is wishing to have a strategized marketing done in favor of the firm, amongst the youth of India. The availability of another avenue in addition to all the available ones is most probably going to help in getting more people towards this sport, which already fascinates the motorsport enthusiasts. But due to lack of resources, people do not tend to take it up formally.

This event not only attracted the youth and the elders, but the kids also had a perfect arrangement for them to get hooked to the sport. The kids learned quick tips about the automobile technology from the automotive learning area set up by the firm. Although the fact that this kind of racing promotion event is being held in India for an actual big event coming next year and the Etios Motor Racing concept cars were on display was not the only a strong reason for people to show off their enthusiasm for this event in particular. There were many more things available in the event. The radio controlled fully wireless cars and racing simulators kept the youth tied up.

Race cars of Toyota Etios showcased in Chennai for the first time

Managing Coordinator of the Marketing Division of Toyota, Hitoshi Fukui explained that the release of this racing line-up was to keep-up with the commitment of Toyota to bring in a new technological change in the worldwide platform of motorsports.

Deputy Managing Director-Marketing, Toyota Kirloskar Motor was also in the same  opinion that, “on a worldwide motorsport scenario, Toyota extends its approach to the grassroots level for the sport and through its Etios Motor Racing in India the firm targets to do the very same by hand-picking and training the young aspirants of racing. The firm is happy with the response it is getting for its driver selection program and they will be taking rigorous auditions in order to choose the excellent drivers for their exhibition race which is due this year and the next year’s series”.

Race cars of Toyota Etios showcased in Chennai for the first time

The FIA qualified standardized Toyota’s cars will make for the racing vehicles in common for this particular series. Red Rooster racing which is a motor racing house has tuned these vehicles for racing. This series of six races will be done on three circuits. This event will choose the driver by their driving talent and skills showcased in a uniform set of available resource, which will be provided to them by the organizers. The applications were online, opened for more than a month with a record 3,303 registrations it closed. The selected applicants will be going for the first two camps in go-kart selection rounds after which the selected ones for the third and final camp will be driving the Etios Motor Racing cars with in-depth lessons as part of their training schedule. Out of 800 shortlisted drivers who are currently available after the basic registration process, only 25 will be selected. This selection process will carry on in camps which are to be held in Kolkata, Pune, New Delhi and Bangalore over the next few weekends. These selected 25 participants will then have to pay an entry fee of Rs 1.5 lakh each.

All the training will be imparted by the professional instructors and drivers from the local and Toyota racing league. The material for study will be a fine combination of what is required for the drivers to be trained in international standard, from the Japan race circuits.

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