Range Rover Evoque recognised as Women’s world car 2012

The much acclaimed SUV Range Rover Evoque has been declared as the Supreme Winner of the Women’s World Car of the Year 2012. It has also got the top rank in the luxury car segment. This recent success is a testimony to the fact with which the Range Rover Evoque has been saluted around the globe.This has also resonated in different honours that the car has received which numbers in more than 110 awards till date. A panel of judges constituted 17 different women writers who specialize in the motoring subjects from around the globe and made a decision in favour of the Range Rover Evoque for the title of Women’s World Car of the Year. In this process of selection where every vehicle was being tested for an award was checked thoroughly in accordance with the criteria that is directly or indirectly an issue, which reflects the important matters of the women car customers when they are about to buy one.

These particular criteria are the sum of practical elements, such as the amount of boot space, safety, child-friendliness, environmental accomplishments and value for money while design heuristic is also an important element here. The Range Rover Evoque has been named as the Car of the Year after achieving the top most score in the luxury car segment lately. And although the corollary has been already announced this very week, the trophy will be officially presented to the Land Rover at the Paris Motor Show this year in September. The Land Rover Global Brand Director, John Edwards was very ecstatic with the brand receiving this latest honour. He said, “The title of The Women’s World Car of the Year will take the Range Rover brand further ahead in the market with its Evoque.”

Range Rover Evoque
Across the globe, women are a major consumer base in their own right. Thus it becomes essential for any automobile manufacturer to make sure that their products meet the requirement, preference as well as the taste of this major consumer base of women. The Range Rover Evoque that is designed, devised and manufactured in Britain continues to display its champion appeal, world-over. The firm is very pleased as the Evoque brought in the 111thhonour to its table. Moreover, this honour is given for its design, devise and consummation that have made it very evident that the firm is becoming successful in terms of a formidable sales figure on a worldwide scale. This prestigious award is very hard to acquire by any car.

Women are very particular towards the safety of their co-passenger (mostly family members, especially children) and their own as well as their desire to drive around in something comfortable, luxurious yet affordable brings the trophy to this car. Evoque has certainly earned this prestigious trophy from the drivers of the female league, but it will always remain the favourite of men as well.

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