Rascasse super car Running on LPG Launched by Montecarlo Auto

Rascasse marked one of the historic turns in F1. This new car has been named Rascasse as it is a significant turn in the making of super cars. This car is built by Montecarlo Auto along with the Italian firm specializing in LPG, BRC. This car offers two driving modes, petrol and LPG. This makes it very fuel efficient for a car of its caliber.

Montecarlo Automobile is a sports car manufacturing firm established in the year 1983. It is located in Monaco. It specializes in manufacturing street legal race cars. It started exploring the use of bio fuels in racing cars in the year 2005. It first joint hands with the Italian firm supplying LPG and methane, BRC, in the year 2012 and secured 8th position in the race that year.

Now this alliance has brought forth Rascasse which is a super power racing car. It has a duel fuel engine which allows the car to run on either petrol or LPG. Its monocoque chassis houses a V 12 engine that is supplied by BMW. This engine was also used in Rolls Royce Silver Graph. This allows the car to give maximum power output of 505 PS which truly makes it a power machine. In spite of this it can run on LPG., although no details are available on the maximum output in its LPG mode.

2013 Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse LPG Supercar

The exterior of the car is highly inspired by Ferrari Enzo but the interiors offer a lot of new things. Starting from the 2 passenger cabin, it has a woody appearance giving it the feel of a yacht. As of now, no details are available regarding any of the features included in this car or on any of the safety parameters for the driver. It is known that the steering wheel is holding a clock at its centre and the gauge cluster is digital. Since the interior is looking very modest, it is expected that the switches and knobs are hidden or might pop out on starting the car.

The car is a limited edition car. Only 15 cars will be produced as this is completely handmade and exported from a very small town in Monaco. So the chances of this car reaching India are very less. The price is around 3.89 crores which is modest for a 505 PS car. The company will continue to experiment with technology to produce more powerful yet eco friendly cars.

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