Rayo Racing To Hold Go-Karting Workshop In Mumbai On December 6-7

Before heading to the global motorsports arena, the aspirants shall get their skills better on the go-kart tracks.

Go-karting is the first space to calculate the effect motor racing and to discuss that in detail, an informative workshop is about to held in Mumbai.

Must admit that, cites in India, especially the metropolis aren’t craving for a better go-kart infrastructure, the reason citizens treat this as a favourite time-pass activity rather than a special career honing course.

Thumbs up for Rayo Racing; it has taken this issue gravely and had said to conduct a training workshop for inspiring drivers on December 6 and 7.

Rayo Racing To Hold Go-Karting Workshop In Mumbai On December 6-7

Rayo Racing it is the India’s only team to glorify the nations’ name at international go-karting arena.

The course is reported of conducting practical and classroom sessions both. Each of the drivers will get 75 laps to show their skillful ambitions and then evaluation will be done.

Venue: Smaash Rooftop race track, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Time: 10:00AM and 01:30PM on both the dates.

For registrations & more details, can email to rayoracing2@gmail.com or call 09167832954.

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