Reasons Why Carpooling Is Better

This seems to be an unusual trend in India for a car owner to share its car with four other unknown passengers, as in the country owing a car is a status symbol. But carpooling is adopted very well in European and other countries around the world. As informed by some sources, such a trend had just started gaining popularity in India amongst some well-polished owners. So, thought of why not giving it a shot on our blog, and let there be the widespread talk of benefits of carpooling, when the fuel-prices always remains on the verge of shooting at sky without lending a prior intimation.

Money Saver

Sharing always save money. Carpooling helps to save the running cost. By sharing the same car with other people will cut down fuel-expenses, which turn out to be hefty sum of money, where the same can be used for partying after the office hours on Saturday. In short, or in other words, those car sharers are actually the payers of your party bills.

Reasons Why Carpooling Is Better


As and when the fuel is saved, the environmental journalism always peak in. And that’s true, the emission from car is not healthy for the eco-system, so when four passengers are covering the same distance in the same car, had refrained environment from getting polluted approximately by four times, the percentage varies depending on how many passengers have used the car together.

Social Gathering

Social media websites only allows the users to meet virtually, at the most, but the idea of carpooling actually spread social gathering. That’s right, when travelled alone it was almost found boring, with only means remained to entertain is using smartphone to connect with the infotainment system. But when the same journey is shared, it brings people closer sharing their incidents of journeys, and other life encounters – in order shortens the trip to a miniscule journey. As said, two is a company and three is a party, the phrase fits perfectly here.

Simply Driven

Those lazy and spoilt butts who always wanted to be driven around, rather than drive on own, this option suits them the best. Enjoying a cool ride in someone else’s car and that too for a much lesser cost happens to be a feast for them.

Less Cumbersome

Roads are the oldest mode of transport, so by any means if opted for railways, airways or waterways, then one is needed to shift the road for reaching to the actual destination. Sharing the car frees passengers from the clutter of ticketing, baggage claims, security checks, long waits at the terminals and so on. Just hop inside the cabin, and relax till the destination arrives

Easy Than Owning A Car

Anyways, if planning to buy a car, and worried about its ownerships woes like parking space, maintenance, EMIs and so on, then stop thinking that way. Just hunt down apps of carpooling or join the social media community that offers carpooling, you’ll not regret.

No Public Transport Woes

Finally, the car sharing avoids public transport woes that may be better understood if taken the state transport buses in India, or have boarded the train without a confirmed ticket. Carpooling seems to be rivaling those heavy weights of transport modes in the coming years.

Less Traffic Woes

Ultimately, when four passengers will be locked in a single car, then there would be lesser number of vehicles plying on highways, making the job easier for traffic police to man the crowd, and ease up the jams as soon as possible. First of all, low number of cars on the roads will ultimately bring down the traffic clutter.

A Safer Option

Most of you may not agreed with this pointer, but still it always safer for anyone else to travel in group rather than driving alone. For women, there are rides which allow only women. Now the ladies out there can have a better piece of mind the next time thinking of taking the carpool option.

New Car Every Time

Even the riches would envy. Stepping out of a new car everytime is what everyone dreams of. Experiencing a fresh car for every ride is not only a self defining experience, but it also lets to an insight what those cars are on inside when next time you see them on the roads, and may respond a better comments than the rest of peers.

Shared Economy

Sharing a car is like sharing the economy. For example, it saves a lot of manpower and even proves the maximum output for economy without investing a large chunk of labour or else other factors of production.

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