Remaining 6 races would be thrillers for F1 fans according to Jenson Button

Jenson Button, McLaren Mercedes driver, is confident that the remaining 6 races left in this season would be interesting for Formula One fans. Button says he believed that the 6 races left would be a lot interesting and would prove to be exciting for viewers of Formula One racing as the battle continues and looks competitive among the top teams.

The British rider for McLaren Mercedes told McLaren would still be racing hard in hopes of challenging this season’s title despite the fact Vettel needs only a win to claim his 2011 drivers’ Championship.

Jenson Button did comment that the team knew about Vettel needing just a win for a comfortable 2011 Championship title, but felt as drivers they hoped better, and it wouldn’t be changing from a driver’s perspective to race hard as they were all racers and always wanted to drive hard as ever, be competitive let alone in karting, F1 or triathlons.

Button says emotions are different when one crosses the chequered flag for a win compared to emotions when heading for drivers’ Championship. He says to win a Championship a driver has to build on each successive race whereas winning any given race on F1 calendar was there to be taken.

Jenson ButtonJenson Button, 31, told the remaining season would prove thrillers for F1 fans globally and expects teams to fight out despite Vettel gunning for the Championship any time soon.

Button had a good race at Monza last weekend where he finished 2nd ahead of Ferrari’s Alonso, but was 10 seconds behind race winner Sebastian Vettel.

Button had decent practice sessions at Monza and did secure 3rd grid position during the qualifying session ahead of the race in Italy last Sunday.

Qualifying at 3rd, Button’s start wasn’t that great at Monza, he did struggle with the MP4-26; however, with impressive laps over time, he did finish 10 seconds behind Vettel who won his eighth race of the 2011 F1 season.

Button is currently 3rd in the drivers’ Championship with a total of 167 points and is behind Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) who is 2nd with 172 points.

McLaren Mercedes are clearly ahead of Ferrari in the constructors’ Championship at 2nd with 325 points, but in drivers’ Championship, they’re racing at 3rd and 5th places currently.

Jenson Button was crowned 2009 World Champion when he raced for BrawnGP after their takeover from Honda who announced they’d be retiring from F1. Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello were driving for Honda when later that season Honda quit F1 racing. Both Button and Rubens were jobless after Honda’s exit, but Ross Brawn took them to BrawnGP and handed a race winning car, an opportunity well seized by Button in 2009. Button joined McLaren Mercedes when BrawnGP was taken over by Mercedes GP while Rubens Barrichello joined Williams who still are struggling with a meagre 5 points on the constructors’ table.

Critics have always been harsh on Button since his time with BrawnGP, but it seems he’s outgrown them to be an accomplished driver now. With an impressive World Championship in 2009 followed by joining McLaren last season, Button’s been consistent in races with his most memorable race being this year’s Canadian GP, a rain marred event that eventually got over after 4 hours of drama. In spite of making 6 pit stops in Canada, Button miraculously drove faster with good tyres each time he pitted, and with Alonso crashing out, won a thriller of a race.

Button for sure looks positive when he says he’s not worried of the fact that Vettel needs just a win in the remaining 6 races, and that wouldn’t be changing his perspective and would be racing hard in the remaining races of the season. McLaren, however, can prove a point or two in the drivers’ Championship standings with currently Button in 3rd and Hamilton at 5th. Both these drivers have a chance to outpace Ferrari’s Alonso and climb a bit higher on the points table.

McLaren’s season has not been a bright one with inconsistency seen in some races and doing very well in others. With Team Principal, Whitmarsh, welcoming Sam Michael to their race team as a Sporting Director for the 2012 F1 Championship, McLaren look well set for the next season.

We will see how Button races given his positive approach even though Vettel would eventually go on to win the 2011 Championship. With Button’s predictions regarding the last 6 races to be interesting challenges for drivers as well as Formula One fans, let’s hope he creates an impression in the remaining races of the 2011 F1 season.

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