Renault announces ‘Gang of Dusters’ initiative

No doubt Duster is the best selling product of Renault throughout the world. It is not an exception that French carmaker leaves no chance to let the audience crave more for it, where the launch of Renault ‘Gang of Dusters’ initiative, states one such example of our said allegation.

As per the initiative, Renault is offering the customers and their families a chance to enjoy adventurous and long drives across the country with Renault team.

The programme had already been flagged off from Mumbai on August 15, 2013. The West Coast expedition will start from Mumbai and would see owner-driven Dusters pass through Panhala, Dandeli, Goa and Kolad before heading back to Mumbai by August 19.

“After creating a new segment and reshaping the perception of Indian drivers about SUVs, the Renault Duster has been one of the most popular vehicles in the country over the past year and has won over nearly 60,000 owners”, said Sumit Sawhney, executive director, marketing and sales, Renault India Pvt Ltd

Renault Launches Gang of Dusters Initiative
“The Gang of Dusters is a celebration of a fabulous year and an opportunity for us to share with Duster owners a sense of freedom and excitement with an adventurous drive and welcome each and every one of them into the Renault family.”

During the course of this trip, Renault says the participants will derive the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other Duster owners and drive enthusiasts throughout the nation. And visits to historic sites, experience of a wildlife safari, a chat to a rally expert, participation in impromptu rallies, rock climbing activity, rafts building and interactive service sessions among others, are concepts that all owners will come across in the same duration.

No disappointment to the starving backpackers, The Gang of Dusters initiative will continue after the West Coast expedition too. Renault had said to organize regular drives for owners across India in the coming months.

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