Renault Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Alpine A 110

Alpine was a brand name in the global car market that had introduced the most successful and powerful rally cars, the Alpine A 110 Berlinette. Tagged as being one of the most beautiful and powerful car of the era, it was a hot time favourite on the grounds. The powerful performance was driven by the modest 66 hp 1.1-litre engine.

Alpine A 110 was first unveiled at the Paris Auto Show in the year 1962 and since then it was creating milestones until the end of its career in 1975. At the time of farewell, a 140 hp 1.6 litre engine was discovered under the hood, stating that the car was on a continual progression year after year.

Before bidding a farewell to the racing grounds, the Alpine A 110 had shown commendable performance beating three renowned rally champions namely, Ford, Lancia and Porsche. This victory made the Alpine won the World Rally Championship title in the year 1973. Two years after this prestigious award, Alpine has quit the racing grounds but the traces were left behind.

Renault Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Alpine A 110

Alpine in its early stages of car manufacturing used parts and powertrains produced by Renault but later on this independence was lost. Alpine was then purchased and powered by the Renault. The merger was then branded as Alpine-Renault which is still showcasing its expertise and performance.

The Alpine A 110 has now completed 50 years of its presence. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the beautiful and powerful car, Renault has introduced an impressive concept tagged Renault Alpine A110-50. The company has also released a video displaying a beautiful comparison of the new concept with the 50 years old Alpine A 110 on French Alpine roads.

The A 110-50 looks quite similar to the original A 110 but certainly the advancements cannot be ignored. With the years left behind, science and technology has taken a tremendous soar and the same is seen in the design and composition of the new concept car by Renault. The new A 110 looks much more appealing and sophisticated. This sophistication is beautifully blended with a powerful 3.5-liter V-6 producing 400 hp to deliver more power. Moreover, the carbon fiber bodyshell around a Renault Meagne’s tubular chasis along with a semi-automatic six-speed sequential gearbox further defines the power and performance of the car.

The new launch of the powerfully designed concept car reveals that the traces of the old iconic cars never fade away. It gets stronger and deeper as years pass by.

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