Renault Goes VA VA VOOM for Clio

Renault is the French carmaker and Clio has the French passion written all over it, to prove this mettle the organization had made a tempting attempt where cozying passion does ignite once again, that too during the test ride.

Human beings have a tendency to love and to spread the same as well; while this inclination must have compelled Renault to think out the box for such campaigns. All dressed in the cuddling red, everything in blossom mode, everybody singing and dancing on road, and Eiffel Tower standing erect amid all; WOW! What a beautiful posture, just like walking in our dreams.

This campaign is the actual derivations of TVC which we see in our daily life, and overall Clio looks fabulous yet lavishing in the cherry red paint job. What does VA VA VOOm stands for is still not exactly known, but we speculate those cosseted and cuddling spawns might be; however we liked the clipping very much.

Renault Goes VA VA VOOM
There still remains a guess for the viewers, the Red Button, remembered?

2013 Renault Goes VA VA VOOM

Oh yes, that is for locking the doors, so that one may get not himself loose to swing with the melodious strings being played as back scores.

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