Jaguar XJ in india: Review

The new Jaguar XJ has entered the market with great features like 5 L supercharged 3rd Generation 4 valve tech established petrol engine that provides 385 PS peak power at the rate of 6,500 rpm and 515 Nm at 3500 rpm. The 5000cc engine is supercharged and attached with it is ZF 6 speed transmission. It has a wire shifting 6 speed transmission which ensures that drivers can manually change gears without the clutch. This all new sedan is packed fully with state of the art features and technology which comprise of air suspensions, active differential control, tail lights of LED, adaptive dynamics, 4-zone climate control, water sensing wipers, 12.3 inch TFT-LCD and a smooth power steering, and also front side parking aide, the list is unending.

The interior design of 4-door saloon is a trade mark of sports cars but this sedan is far more spacious compared to almost all luxury sedans. 125mm extra leg space is provided which makes one feel free which is supported by side windows shaped as tear drops. For additional light the glass roof can be opened. It has more passive as well as active safety requisites that increases its demand in the luxury car market.

Jaguar XJ


The sedan looks sensuous with its light aluminium constructed body shell, this results in decreased fuel consumption as well as greater safety and handling.

The 4 door saloon which comes in the sports car body is This four-door saloon that comes in sports coupe body is vindicated by Xenon light clusters which are swept back and a sweeping roofline. The bonnet of the luxurious Jaguar XJ is wider, the power bulge is sculpted and the wheels look rigid and manly, all these add up to providing the car with an exulted aerodynamic-ness. Adaptive front lighting make the headlamps look way too good, cornering lamps contain washers and Signature LED lights. Additional features in the exterior of the car consist of exterior mirrors which are electric powered and folding, auto dimming facilities, memory function, Puddle lamps, a heated windscreen, windscreen wipers which are water sensing, heated rear window, rear camera parking aid and also front side parking aid, both of them consist of visual indicators which are touch screen. The sedan also consists of incorporated tail lamps of LED and tailpipes finished in chrome. The glass roof is panoramic, which though is a standard feature in all of the new models in the XJ series. The roof made of glass can be easily swept back from the top of the windscreen.

Jaguar XJ Exterior

Exterior Measurements

The 4 door luxury sedan is much more luxurious and spacious. It is created in such a manner that it provides the buyer with a sports coupe look. The sedan is 5,247mm long and 2110mm wide and 1,448mm high. The wheelbase is wider in the car and is 3,157mm which provides the driver and passengers with a great deal of space for legs. The weight of the car is 2335 kg.


As one enters the cabin of the ultra luxurious sedan, the advanced features and design ranging from the finishing to multimedia is eye catching. Total comfort is provided to the user with very user friendly usage of instruments. The driver’s sear is fitted with a great deal of leg and head space which gives a glimpse of the superior craftsmanship. The steering is fitted with leather and is three spoke which will inevitably attract the buyer to drive it with multimedia features which are highly advanced. Premium carpet in mat form is used to cover the rear and the front portion, and the front seat as well as the rear seat are covered in grain leather which is soft.

The glass roof in the ceiling can be swept back for added natural light which is also operated automatically. A dark tinted reflective coating prevents scorching heat through the glass roof. The sedan is further beautified by wood veneers which are mirror matched and curved, these veneers come in 11 shades

Jaguar XJ Interior

The rear flank of the car is provided with approximately one whole meter leg space which enhances comfortable seating. The rear and front seats are equipped with twin cup-holders and also in the centre of the armset. The console area of the front’s central space is equipped with a tiny compartment for storage of small items. For the people who want a puff in the car, an ashtray at the front coupled with cigarette lighters is designed; foot rest for the drivers is provided with business trays at the rear. The luxurious element of the sedan is enhanced by a 4-zone climatic control system.


The Jaguar XJ consists of features like 5.0 L, 5.0 L V8 petrol, AJ V8 GEN III petrol engine which develops to peak power of 385 PS at the rate of 6,500 rpm. It generates torque up to 515 Nm at the rate of 3,500 rpm. The power of the vehicle is transmitted via the ZF 6 speed auto transmission system that enhances handling efficiency of the car as well. The vehicle can obtain a maximum speed of up to 250 kilometers per hour. The acceleration time required from 0 to 60 kmph is as less as 4 seconds.

Jaguar XJ Engine

Handling and Safety

Handling and braking are unmatched in this brand new luxury car which is tipped as the flagship car of the company. The car is fitted with ventilated disc brakes at the front and in the rear. These ventilated disc brakes are equipped with the most recent ABS systems that ensure on the spot halting at all speed levels. The adaptive dynamics, quick ratio induced power steering and air suspension helps in handling of the luxury sedan in a lot more easier way which enhances way better control and fine riding. The Jaguar XJ’s advanced, state of the art light aluminium constructed body shell results in decreased fuel consumption as well as greater safety and handling.


The sedan is in the true sense of the word truly luxurious and is equipped with the most advanced multimedia and technologies; it is spacious, and has great interior and exteriors. Acceleration is top of the class and handling and control is amazing.

Jaguar XJ Back View

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