Renault Launches Team Car for MRF Challenge

Renault India Pvt Ltd. revealed the Renault group vehicle for the MRF Challenge in a special occasion, which took place in Greater Noida. Two expert as well as gifted drivers Jon Lancaster and Alice Powell will drive the two Renault group vehicles.

For 2012’s MRF Challenge, the company will be the authorized engine supplier for the contest and all 20 vehicles starting on the grid will be catered by the Renault Sport supplied 2.0-litre engines producing 207bhp of maximal power.

The company has been accountable for developing some influential racing engines that comprise the Renault V6 Turbo engine utilized in the seventies and eighties, famous as one of the most potent ever to hit the path, the Renault V10 that bagged 7 nonstop titles in the nineties and the Renault V8, which has pocketed 3 builders’ titles thus far.

Renault Launches Team Car for MRF Challenge

In the MRF Challenge 2012, partakers will be provided with engines planned and fabricated by Renault Sport in France. The MRF Challenge will witness groups contending for the top place from October 26, 2012 to February 10, 2013 in the national capital and Chennai in 10 races.

Mr. Marc Nassif, Managing Director, Renault India Pvt. Ltd. stated, “Renault’s 35-year alliance with Formula One racing has witnessed us design and create some of the preeminent powertrains, which reveal our sturdy promise to superiority and novelty. Motor racing is in Renault’s DNA and with this contest Renault India will for the first time support motor racing in the country both as an engine contractor for the contest plus supporting two groups.”

“Our motor racing tradition has always come in helpful as it has assisted us to design some of the most authentic and competent engines over time and even today the advantages can be witnessed in the K9K engine that is extensively utilized and is without a doubt one of the best suited power facilities for the Indian market,” Mr. Marc Nassif added up.

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