Renault Lodgy vs Toyota Innova vs Mahindra Xylo: Spec Comparison

If the family car isn’t enough, a MPV will do fine. Those who think ‘bigger’ is ‘better’ and buys a MPV to rather avoid the space congestion in the cabin, even though do not cruise outside the city more often, for those multipurpose vehicles (MPV) are the boon from auto industry. Thus, the narrow price difference between the segments has sparked outrage of buying MPVs, which not only allow the owners to suffer crunches at any point of time, and in India, the MPVs too are of tough built quality that also makes them to do jobs of SUVs up to certain level. Here, followed by the launch of Renault Lodgy, the segment is about to change it dimensions. Earlier led by Toyota Innova and Mahindra Xylo, buyers now get a rather more sophisticated option well-suited for all occasions and still cost as per the size of pocket. Here, we have worked out a comparison of three MPVs – Renault Lodgy, Mahindra Xylo and Toyota Innova – to see who has the better grunt and looks at business seriously at least on paper.

  • Dimension

It’s Innova that measure maximum in length, while Lodgy is the shortest of all, still the latter offer maximum wheelbase among the three which means more legroom is inside the Lodgy. Now we wonder how three can sit comfortable in the third row of Xylo, apparently due to its width that offers the maximum, which is far more by standard of Innova. Adding more to body roll, it’s the Xylo’s height which too, once again, is far more by the measures of Innova and Lodgy.

Very importantly, the ground clearance which without any doubt is scored maximum by Mahindra due to its utility vehicle platform pinned underneath ever passenger vehicles rolled off from its factory, the rest two of them offers like a one on the sedans.


Renault Lodgy

Dimension Renault Lodgy Toyota Innova Mahindra Xylo
Length 4498mm 4585mm 4520mm
Width 1751mm 1765mm 1850mm
Height 1697mm 1760mm 1905mm
Wheelbase 2810mm 2750mm 2760mm
Ground Clearance 174mm 176mm 186mm
  • Engine

The power matters a lot when an India spends around one million INR (approximately) on its buy. This is well understood by Mahindra & Mahindra. Xylo splurges 120PS from a 2.2-litre MHawk diesel engine, which in comparison to Innova is quite decent looking to the 102PS from a big block metal of 2.5-litre displacement. Here, Lodgy gains the maximum benefit with regards to its output of 110PS from a smaller 1.5-litre engine – for a feel more like a Duster than of a proper utility vehicle.

Toyota Innova

Engine Renault Lodgy Toyota Innova Mahindra Xylo
Displacement 1.5-litre 2.5-litre 2.2-litre
Power 110PS 102PS 120PS
Torque 245Nm 200Nm 280Nm
Gearbox 6MT 5MT 5MT
  • Fuel-Efficiency

Fuel-efficiency, the most sought figures sometimes even before the price tag, has altogether a new story to tell. Due to smaller engine, Renault manages to clock the maximum marks here with a whopping 19.98kmpl as per ARAI. The next is Mahindra Xylo with 14.02kmpl, while the Toyota takes a backseat with the huge engine block and lowest efficiency at 12.99kmpl.

Mahindra Xylo

Fuel-Efficiency Renault Lodgy Toyota Innova Mahindra Xylo
KMPL as per ARAI 19.98 12.99 14.02
  • Price

Only a few years old in India, Renault has studied how to position the cars hitting directly on the heart and mind of buyers with a soft touch. With an exception, the 110PS version (which we have considered for the reason rest two are also of the same specifications nearly above 100PS of power), it seems the maker has defamed image of a winner with range starting at Rs 10.09 lakh and terminating at Rs 11.79 lakh.

Price Renault Lodgy Toyota Innova Mahindra Xylo
As per Ex-showroom Delhi Rs 10.09-11.79 lakh Rs 10.51-15.8 lakh Rs 8.95-11.46 lakh

Obviously, Mahindra has born from the genes of an Indian that translates better options and multiple choices to suit buyers of every pocket in the country, starts for a price of Rs 8.95 lakh that literally hits the chord one lakh lesser than the second in line – Renault.

Toyota follows premium pricing but the interesting part is it concludes top-end at an eye watery price of Rs 15.8 lakh, where we can say it it’s hard to convince these much buyers but it still does that successfully.

  • Overview

It’s tough to conclude a winner on the paper, where Xylo sounds like a more pocket-friendly option, but the Renault is also equally efficient in long run due to its maximum fuel-economy. Toyota fails on every impression, but it seems the driving ergonomics has suited Indians the most, for which it is selling in large numbers despite not very economical at all. Ah, the built-quality could be the reason.

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