Rohtang pass inaccessible to outside vehicles now

Seems that the Indian government or for that matter, the Himachal Pradesh government has woken upto the fact that something needs to be done about the growing pollution factor. In a bravado attempt, the Himachal government has banned the vehicles which have been registered outside Himachal Pradesh from entering the Rohtang pass. This is done because having the distinction of being the highest motorable pass in the country and infact the whole world means, that there is a steady stream of tourists coming from all over. Many tourists from within India bring in their own vehicles and unfamiliarity with the terrain and conditions often lead to accidents and higher mortality rates. Of course, this move by the government would also lower down the pollution rate.

This decision by the government is met with mixed reactions. Mixed because the people coming from other states of India would obviously travel in their own vehicles and they wouldn’t be happy enough to leave their vehicles and opt for a tourist vehicle and on the second hand, local taxi operators are a happy lot since this means more business to them. On second thoughts, the Himachal Government would have definitely thought about the PUC certificate that the tourist taxis carry and also must have briefed them about the code of conduct to be maintained with the tourists. For the numbers, about 30k tourists come in Himachal Pradesh each day. This move from the Government is applicable with immediate effect and it is not known if this rule will be temporary or an all pervading one.

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